Cheese and Pate

Cutting cheese to specific weights is difficult, so we don’t offer it online. To be sure you’re comfortable the size and price, we invite you to stop in or email your order from Contact Us above.
From hors d’oeuvres with a glass of wine to Parmesan for your pasta and Gorgonzola for sinfully rich sauces, you’ll find it in our cheese case. And don’t miss Marcel et Henri’s great pates, at the very bottom. We’re always finding delicious new cheeses, so check back often!

Stella Asiago

A semi-firm whole milk Italian cheese with a rich nutty flavor.  $8.49

Rosenberg Blue

A medium-mild blue cheese with a soft consistency.  $9.99

French Brie

An edible, downy white rind, distinguish this rich, creamy and mild world-famous cheese.  $8.99


Extra creamy, soft ripened Bavarian blue cheese.  $13.99


A mild half goat, half cow cheese with a smooth taste and supple texture. A wide appeal and pleasant flavor.  $9.99

Irish Green Wax Cheddar

A rindless cheese with an unusually sweet and fruited flavor. Mild and delicious.  $7.99

Fresh Goat Cheese (Couturier)

Fresh and creamy with a fairly mild, salty flavor. Delicious in salads, on bread, and in many recipes!  $4.99

Fresh Herbed Goat Cheese (Couturier)

Fresh and creamy with a fairly mild, salty flavor. Delicious in salads, on bread, and in many recipes!  $4.99

Double Glouchester Onion & Chive

A full cream cheese with a rich and buttery taste, flakey texture, that is flavored with onion and chives.  $10.99

Cream Cheese

8 oz.
A thick and delicious, traditional cream cheese.  $3.99

English Gloucester and Stilton Cheese

A combination of double Gloucester cheddar cheese and alternating layers of Stilton blue cheese.  $12.99


7 oz. Imported (France)
This imported sheep’s milk Feta is cured in a salt brine and has a more distinct and delicious flavor when compared to its domestic counterparts.  $5.99

Fontina - Italian

A semi-firm and supple texture with a rich, herbaceous and fruity flavor.  $9.49

Fontina - Danish

A semi-soft creamy cow cheese with a mild, slightly sweet flavor. Great table cheese!  $7.99

Formager d'Affinois

Firm and creamy, this cheese has a delicate aroma and slightly salty, mushroomy tang.  $10.49

Italian Gorgonzola

Rich and creamy cow’s milk cheese with a savory a slightly pungent blue tanginess. One of Italy’s great cheeses!  $9.99


A mild, nut-like flavor, with a slightly creamy texture. Holland’s most famous exported cheese!  $7.99


A delightfully nutty, spicy, full flavor known for making great fondue and the perfect topping for Guerra’s French Onion Soup.  $10.99


This rich and buttery sheeps milk cheese has a dense, semi-firm texture with a delicate and herbaceous taste. One of our favorites!  $15.99

Spanish Manchego

This famous Spanish sheep cheese has a well developed, but not too strong, buttery taste.  $12.99

Mascarpone (Bel Gioso)

A sweet, creamy cheese ideal for tiramisu.  $3.99

Mozzarella Balls (Cherry Size)

8 oz. tub
This moist, soft and quick cow’s melting cheese in a mini form.  $4.99

Mozzarella Balls

Fresh, large mozzarella balls.  $7.99

Parmesan Reggiano

Imported (Italy)
The most famous hard cheese in the world, made with raw cow’s milk. Not just for pasta!  $15.99

Grated or Shredded Parmesan

Easily packaged for your convenience!  $7.99

Petit Basque

Fresh semi-hard sheeps milk cheese with a very rusty and milky flavor that has hints of nuts. Delicious!  $14.99

Port Salut

A rich and savory cheese, with a soft texture and a mild acidity to complement its mild taste.  $9.99

Provolone (Sliced)


Tillamook Medium Cheddar (Sliced)


American Cheese (Sliced)


Havarti (Sliced)


Pepper Jack (Sliced)


Mozzarella (Sliced)


Sharp Cheddar (Sliced)


Swiss Cheese (Sliced)


Garlic Jack

8oz  $3.99

Marcel et Henri Pate

Chicken and pork pate.  $11.99

Marcel et Henri Truffle Pate

Pate with truffles and cognac.  $13.99