Chicken Sausages

Often, you will see the younger guys grinding out a fresh supply of homemade chicken or pork sausages. These are old, family recipes we have perfected over the years and our customers cannot get enough of them. Pick up an assortment or try a new flavor each week! For our classic, all-beef franks, we call Evergood of San Francisco.

Chicken-Apple Sausage

Sweet, with a hint of cinnamon. Nice for breakfast or dinner. 4 per pound,  $7.49
Quantity:  lbs. 

Santa Fe

Tangy and flavorful with green chilies, cilantro, jalapeno, and lime. 4 per pound,  $7.49
Quantity:  lbs. 

Garlic and Artichoke

A refreshing and subtle taste of Spring. 4 per pound,  $7.49
Quantity:  lbs. 


Looking for the hot one? This is it! 4 per pound,  $7.49
Quantity:  lbs.