Pork Roasts

Pork breeding has changed to reduce fat content, so we work with suppliers we’ve used for years to assure you of finely marbled, flavorful cuts your family will enjoy. Daily butchering ensures freshness and top quality. If you don’t see the cut you’d like, we can get it, so be sure to ask.

Boneless Pitt Ham

Extra lean. Boneless for easy carving.  $4.99
Quantity:  lbs. 

Club Roast (Boneless)

Tasty and easy crusted with herbs, mustard, or breadcrumbs. Per pound,  $4.99
Quantity:  lbs. 

Loin Roast (Bone in)

Cut between the bones and stuff with herbs or sausage for a feast! Per pound,  $4.99
Quantity:  lbs. 

Ham Shanks

From the meaty part of the leg. Great for beans and soup.  $4.50

Ham Steak

Center-cut Ham steak with the bone. Ideal for grilling or frying.14-16 oz. average.  $7.00