Ground Beef

We grind all our USDA Choice beef daily, so you are sure to receive the freshest, highest-quality ground beef available.

Ground Chuck (15 - 20% fat)

With the most flavor and the highest fat content, this ground beef is perfect for grilling or meatloaf. Per pound,  $4.99
Quantity:  lbs. 

Ground Round (10 - 12% fat)

This ground beef is leaner than our ground chuck but still has a little fat, making it flavorful and ideal for hamburgers. Per pound,  $5.99
Quantity:  lbs. 

Ground Sirloin (5 - 8% fat)

This ground beef is great for people concerned about their fat intake. Very lean! Per pound,  $6.99
Quantity:  lbs. 

Grass-Fed Ground Round

Quantity:  lbs.