Artery Brinded Corned Beef

At Guerra’s, we make our corned beef the old-fashioned way. Unlike many commercial producers, who soak their beef in brine, we prepare our corned beef the traditional way, right in the shop. Every April, Uncle Bobby comes out of retirement to supervise our guys, who use small pumps — and take their time — to infuse every ounce with our family-recipe brine. That’s why every bite is juicy and bursting with flavor. And why we sell more than two tons of corned beef every St. Patrick’s Day!

Point Brisket

Flavorful and satisfying. Per pound,  $6.99
Quantity:  lbs. 

Center Cut Brisket

Extra lean and juicy. Per pound,  $7.99
Quantity:  lbs. 

Bottom Round

Lean and solid, excellent for sandwiches! Per pound,  $7.99
Quantity:  lbs.