Summer Events

Fire up the Barbecue for Great Summer Dinners!

Whether you're making everyday dinners a treat or slow-smoking something special for a party, we've got plenty of suggestions - plus tips for best results!

Suggestions for Special Events

  • Slow-roast a pork butt or ribs in the smoker.
  • Grill steaks, filets and chops to charred perfection.
  • Swordfish, salmon, snapper, halibut, Ahi - they're all better BBQ'd
  • Marinade a leg of lamb overnight with herbs. Cooks in 40 minutes! Or marinade kabobs and let your guests add their own vegetables

Summer Dinners at Home

  • Grill chicken parts. We have a variety of sauces for the finishing touch!
  • Pork Tenderloin - Juicy and tangy in our Thai-Lime marinade. And ready in 20 minutes.
  • Lamb Steaks - Quick and tasty with just salt & pepper. Or let us suggest a spice rub.